Cambrian Mines Trust

    Preserving our mining heritage.


Cambrian Mines Trust was incorporated in March 2012 as a private company limited by guarantee with no share capital and its Objects of Association which run to about 25 pages have been drawn in compliance with Charity Commission guidelines for a Trust Company. Its main objective is to advance the education of the public by securing the preservation restoration improvement enhancement and maintenance of features and objects of industrial, scientific, social and historical interest relating to the winning and working of minerals, slate and stone in Wales and the counties immediately adjoining.

This means all mining remains both on surface and underground.  Our articles also cover provision of museums and visitor centres for the display of such features, and also the organisation of meetings, exhibitions, lectures, publications and other forms of instruction relevant to all aspects of mining.

To this objective the Trust is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of such remains and has the power to reopen and recreate for the benefit of the public, mines
, quarries, pits, levels, drives and drifts, both surface and underground associated features, and where appropriate to promote and set up museums, visitor centres and visual and aural aids in connection therewith.

In furtherance of this the Trust will be purchasing and acquiring both land and mineral rights as well as acting as an access controlling body.

As can be seen from the above, the objectives of the trust are “for the benefit of the people” and to this end and subject to any constrains imposed by statutory designations, the trust has the power to preserve, restore etc both surface and underground features which can also include the reopening of levels etc as is written into our Articles of Association. In this context Cambrian Mines Trust
may well be unique.

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