Cwmystwyth Mines

    A guide for visitors


If you decide to visit the site, please feel free to wander as it is all access ground and unenclosed. But please remember that it is a disused mining site and as such expect more hazards that you would normally expect to meet in the general countryside. Also please bear in mind that the site is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and also a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Please consider the following points:

  • Entry onto the land is at own risk, Cambrian Mines Trust cannot be held liable for any injury. The countryside is a dangerous place, BEWARE.

  • NO overnight parking, off road vehicle use, fires or camping.

  • Do NOT remove anything from the site. As well as being private property its a Scheduled Ancient Monument and SSSI and you could be prosecuted!

  • Do NOT leave litter, please take it away with you when you leave. The police have been instructed to prosecute anyone caught dumping rubbish, and the Trust will not hesitate with regard to this.

  • Although unenclosed, the land is used for grazing, so is not the best place to exercise your dog. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

  • No general public entry into the underground workings, or fenced off areas. Cavers and mine explorers wishing to obtain underground access should study the conditions below.

  • If you intend to explore the site, please wear stout boots and suitable clothing. Beware of sudden drops and uneven and slippery ground

  • Any commercial filming requires the prior consent of the Trust

Other than the above, please feel free to enjoy

Underground Access

Underground access is only allowed to properly equipped cavers and mine explorers with BCA or similar public liability insurance WHO ARE FULLY AWARE OF THE RISKS INVOLVED AND ARE WILLING TO ACCEPT THEM. Every group shall be led by a competent person who is able to assess risk and make appropriate mitigations.

Any commercial filming requires the prior consent of the Trust

The underground is part of the scheduled ancient monument therefore any digging or other interference with the fabric of the mine is illegal

Although there are barriers in place to prevent accidental public entry the trust does not fit locks therefore there are no keys or combinations to be obtained. If you are a club, please contact us and let us know who you are. Please replace or close any barriers when you leave so as to leave the mine secure against accidental entry.

Also please be advised that the trust is NOT responsible for any bolts or other fixed aids, the leader of every group is responsible for the safety of the members of the group, and it is the leaders responsibility to make on the spot risk assessments and appropriate mitigations as exploration proceeds.

This site supports the Safe_Explore initiative.