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NAMHO 2019: Erwtomau/Rhiwrugos
Last Updated: 23/06/2019




Extensive 18th and 19th century workings with large stopes, impressive examples of stulls and ladderways. Optional short detour to very old coffin-level on return from main adit. The entire system has recently been surveyed and researched in great detail by the leader.







(Photo Ioan Lord)


There is a pleasant walk to the mine from the parking area. Just up the road from the vehicles we will be crossing the river by a green footbridge with a splendid view of a waterfall. Passing the fish ladder we will be going through other mining areas including old dressing floors, and then up a gorge following a stream. Finally we cross the railway to reach the 20th cent Erwtomau dressing floors and the adit beyond.


Easy walk in, shallow wading in entrance. Some dangerous areas to be avoided.

Meeting and parking

At SN708792 directly opposite Rheidol Power station (Statkraft). Look for a large square imposing stone building with 3 flag poles outside. A footbridge which we will be using, is just up the road. Drive down the road past the dam and visitor centre and look for the power station on the left.




(Photos Roy Fellows)