Bwlch Glas

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NAMHO 2019:

Bwlch Glas

Last Updated: 04/06/2019



There are two trips on offer, first is an SRT trip down from the top level to reach deep adit beyond a collapse where underground cages and other stuff can be seen. The other is a VERY WET trip up deep adit as far as the fall where some other interesting stuff can be seen.

Top two pictures relate to the SRT trip

Below. At the end of the deep adit after going through the water.

Photos: Jon Knowles.


Although the top adit offers and easy walk through trip suitable for self-lead, the lead trips have technicalities that make them only suitable for the experienced.

U12 Trips. This is advanced SRT with initial easy descent by fixed ladders to a sub level, then a freehanging descent of 60 feet. Not for the squeamish as its quite exposed.

Delegates can also undertake a shorter trip up deep adit to view a winze with the kibble in situ. Wetsuit is really mandatory.

Please see and read the Risk Assessment. (Available soon)


Meeting and Parking

 Parking is at SN710 877 directly opposite the mine. Also an interesting surface walk