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NAMHO 2019: Camdwrbach

(and New Level)

Last Updated: 04/06/2019



Both of these trips are quite wet and a full wetsuit is recommended.

Camdwrbach was reopened in the late 1980s by the late George Hall who thought that there could still be economic deposits of copper. It is an interesting mine notable for its black cave pearls. The adit first cuts the engine shaft before entering the main stope. Quite photogenic.

New level is a long exploratory drift with a few artefacts and other points of interest.

Camdwrbach is quite grotty getting in, but worth the effort.


Hand line down side of small gunnis, bit of a squeeze to get into neck deep water and mud, chest deep wading, eventually drying out.

Please see and read the Risk Assessment. (Available soon)


Meeting and Parking

 Parking is at SN736885 adjacent to a track on the other side of the road. Nice views over the Nant y moch reservoir.