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NAMHO 2019: Cwmystwyth
Last Updated: 02/05/2019



Cwmystwyth possibly offers the most varied choice of trips in one single place. technicalities vary from easy walk in to chest deep water and SRT.

Lefel Fawr

Entry is an easy hands and knees through a spacious tube into knee deep wading, drying out completely after about 100 metres. After that there are no real technicalities if one stays on that level.


From Lefel Fawr its possible to abseil down the skipway to reach Kingside Level and Level y Fforth

TECHNICALITIES: SRT equipment is required.

Apart from the SRT its fairly straightforward after that. The levels gained become wet towards the run in entrances, but nothing to be gained.

Crossroads is a short, but interesting, through trip through some of the lower eastern stopes of Cwmystwyth. Apart from the network of stopes, there are also views up Taylorís Shaft.

TECHNICALITIES: SRT equipment is required.
There is one abseil involving an easy rebelay on a comfortable stance (not freehanging) and an easy deviation.
There are three short SRT ascents: one of about 7m to a rebelay (on a ledge, not freehanging) onto a traverse, one of only about 2m and a last one of about 6m directly to a comfortable wide ledge.
The exit is through a short low crawl to daylight around a dog-leg and might be tight for cavers of exceptionally large stature and width. A modest amount of hands and knees crawling and easy scrambling with no exposure is required. Knee pads recommended.
The system is relatively dry in normal conditions.

The entrance is through a low adit not far above the road towards the eastern end of the site. After a look at some of the stope workings to the east, it is time to don SRT kit and crawl through to the first SRT ascent: a sloping climb up one wall of a stope to a traverse. A short walk leads to another stope where an old chain hangs. An abseil down the stope past an impressive pack wall of deads leads to the foot of the stope where a very short SRT ascent, followed by a scramble up loose rock, leads to further passages.
At this horizon it is possible to get a view up the impressive Taylorís Shaft. However, some care is required, as although the shaft appears blocked by rubble, this is poised at some considerable height above the bottom of the flooded shaft.
Another SRT ascent leads to another horizon where Taylorís Shaft can be observed and the final low crawl around a dog-leg to daylight.

Taylors level

TECHNICALITIES: Crotch deep wading

Apart from the water, no further technicalities. A side passage with bad air is avoided.

Interesting explore with many artefacts

Meeting and Parking

Lefel Fawr, Crossroads, and Rosa

Very obvious flat area opposite the mill area at SN 802744. Other opportunist parking along the road.

Aldersons, Herberts and Taylors.

Limited parking at Nant yr Onnen at SN809748 Other opportunist parking back along the road.