Pontrydygroes Lefel Fawr

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NAMHO 2019: Pontrydygroes Lefel Fawr


Last Updated: 12/06/2019



Basically a level drive for about a mile and a half under several mines. A lot of it is a nice stroll, some awkward bits but nothing serious. A nice trip. Please be quiet as you will be going through someone's garden!


A crawl through plastic tube where first fall was dug. A section of stooping or hands and knees (thankfully on silt not stones!) and also the ladder. See photos. A bit awkward getting on and off at the top, but there will be willing hands.

Please see and read the Risk Assessment. (Available soon)



Meeting and Parking

 Parking is road side in Pontrydygroes opposite the Miners Arms, but not their car park! There is also some parking further up the hill and down the road on the right in the vicinity of the water wheel. Worth a look. The wheel operates on the outflow of Lefel Fawr, the trip, which is above. A footpath opposite the wheel marked "Miners Bridge" is also worth a look.




Meeting and parking

Vicinity of water wheel at SN738723 near the cafe