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03c. Halkyn Mines: info downloads

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Free downloads (click on links at very bottom of page):




(Microsoft Access database) Lists 145 items which remain underground or lie in private hands. The list is far from complete, but it gives an flavour of the type of existing relics relating to HDUM Ltd.



Documents (Updated Feb 10th 2009):

(Microsoft Access database) Lists the full collection of 'Halkyn Papers' rescued from vandalised mine offices at Hendre. This includes, company blueprints, standard drawings, machinery catalogues etc. The Halkyn Papers are currently kept by Grosvenor Caving Club.




(PDF file). HDUM maintained a set of "Standard Drawings". These were used as 'blueprints' when manufacturing an item or constructing rises, sumps etc. This file shows a selection of the more interesting drawings. Originals kept by Grosvenor Caving Club. Scanned from originals.



Chats with John Bellis: 

(PDF file) Just a few pages of notes taken during conversations with HDUM miner John Bellis, who spent his entire working life with the company.




(PDF file) A partly damaged six page HDUM "Inventory of Kibbles" dated 1937. Shows the eight designs used at the mine. Others have been used since that time. Scanned from original.



Sealing Alyn 

An unpublished report by HDUM entitled "An Attempt at Sealing Natural Water Holes or 'Swallows' in the River Alyn": It describes extensive work carried out by the company in the 1930s to reduce the water entering the Milwr Tunnel via natural fissures. Much of the report has been re-typed, but the text & layout format reflects the original. Complete with original photos. The actual document is held at Flintshire Record Office, Hawarden.



Water Levels at Olwyn Goch Shaft:

(PDF file) Rescued from vandalised mine offices at Hendre: Three pages of gaugings taken by HDUM in the Milwr Tunnel at Olwyn Goch Shaft between 1980 and 1984. Re-typed from original.


To download, click on links below........


   Artefacts   Drawings  Chatswith-John Bellis  Kibbles   Sealing Alyn FULL report   Water levels at Olwyn Goch Shaft 1980 to 1984